The Commitspark Contend Editing Front-end is Now Open Source

Posted on
March 8, 2024
Posted by
Markus Weiland

We are thrilled to announce that the content editing front-end for Commitspark is now officially available as open source software on GitHub under the very permissive ISC license. With this step we are joining the Open Core movement, where software users are not only able to access essential functionality of their software packages for free, but are now also able to obtain the underlying source code as well.

What Does This Mean for You?

  • Better customization: Adapt the Commitspark front-end for your content editors in any way you want
  • Cost savings: All front-end components released under the open source license are available free of charge
  • Independence: Even if you decide to leave for another platform, you can continue to operate all open source components for free forever; and since in Commitspark your content already lives in your own Git repositories, you have even more control over code and data than with any comparable competitor
  • Transparency: Your developers can always verify in the source code that Commitspark does exactly what it says on the box and nothing else
  • Flexibility: Run the content editing front-end anywhere a Next.js web application can be run
  • Scalability: Deploy as few or many front-ends as you want, e.g. for individual departments or regions in your organization

What Do I Need to Run the Commitspark Front-end?

The Commitspark content editing front-end is a light-weight application, as it simply provides a view layer onto GitHub, tailored to the needs of content editors. A software developer can therefore launch a front-end instance in minutes using our pre-built Docker image.

What Are Our Next Steps?

We'll be making code changes that greatly facilitate extending the front-end with additional functionality and we're also working on powerful collaboration features built on top of GitHub that we're excited to show.

For now, as we celebrate this open source milestone, we're encouraging the community try out our new CMS front-end and share feedback. We're excited to see where this collective effort will lead us!

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