Fall Update 2023

Posted on
October 5, 2023
Posted by
Markus Weiland

In our Fall Update 2023 we've revamped how branches and commits are handled. Our goal here is to enable working with all kinds of Git workflows, be it using light-weight trunk-based publishing or complex multi-stage workflows with dev, stage, and prod branches. Let's take a look:

Target branch selection for new Pull Request
The target branch is now a user selection when creating a Pull Request, enabling all kinds of Git workflows.
Starting branch selection for new branch
The starting branch can now be selected when creating a new branch, enabling editors to start from production content or anywhere else.
Deletion confirmation pop-up
Deleting a content entry now allows entering a commit message, so that editors can also capture the intention of deletions.
Menu bar of content editor
Committing is now always available via the editor title bar, with less frequently used functions moved to a sub-menu, making the editing process faster than ever.

The full list of changes is as follows:

  • The user flow for committing content has been revamped, so that editing can be completed faster even with long and complex content entries
  • A pop-up message gives feedback on the success of performing a commit, giving editors more confidence in their actions
  • It is now possible to enter a commit message when deleting a content entry, so that editors can also capture the intention of deletions.
  • Deleting a content entry is not a frequently performed action and has been moved to a sub-menu in order to keep the UI clean
  • The starting branch for a new Git branch as well as the target branch for new Pull Requests can now be selected by editors, enabling support for arbitrary Git content publication workflows
  • Tweaked how content component lists are shown to facilitate reordering in a reliable way

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