Commitspark: Content Collaboration Reimagined

Posted on
May 19, 2023
Posted by
Markus Weiland

I'm thrilled to unveil the first public tech-preview of Commitspark, a groundbreaking content management system designed to transform the way teams collaborate around content. Imagine a world where content managers, editors, and developers seamlessly work together, leveraging the power of Git workflows. Commitspark makes this a reality.

Say goodbye to the complexities and frustrations of coordinating work on traditional CMS platforms. With Commitspark, content editors can tap into the Git-based editing workflows used by millions of software developers without having to learn any new technologies. It's an easy-to-use, headless CMS that empowers editors to create and manage content effortlessly.

Commitspark does all this by building a content management layer on top of GitHub. This allows us to take the incredibly powerful and well-proven workflow tools offered there, such as commits, pull requests and pipelines, and bring them to content management in an easy to use, editor-friendly way. (Support for other Git Platforms is coming in the future.)

Screenshot of branch-based content management in Commitspark
Branches are a central element of the Commitspark editing user interface, allowing editors to quickly switch between editing tasks.

Stress-free collaboration is now possible: Multiple content editors can work simultaneously on the same project, freeing up their time to focus on content creation rather than coordination. Commitspark's branch-based approach allows for isolating changes, making it simple to review and test content changes that belong together.

Quality assurance becomes a breeze with Commitspark. The Pull Request feature enables clear workflow steps and facilitates collaboration and content review. Editors can confidently review and validate content changes before they are merged into the production content branch, ensuring only approved changes make it to the final release.

Screenshot of pull requests opened in Commitspark
Commitspark pull requests live on GitHub behind the scenes and enable editors to review and merge content changes.

By enabling automated content review pipelines, Commitspark empowers developers to build QA tools for your content that catch content mistakes before they reach production. This automated review process ensures consistency and accuracy, preventing errors from hitting the live environment.

Commitspark also completely reconsiders how changes to the structure of content are handled: By storing content structure definitions alongside content itself, branching and merging can now be used to handle structure changes. This enables teams to prepare and release structural changes without disrupting the production process in any way.

With Commitspark, developers and content editors collaborate seamlessly. Branches allow developers to independently update Frontend software code to take into account content structure changes, eliminating the need for editors to wait for development work to be completed. This unblocks both parties, improving efficiency and collaboration.

Screenshot of a Commitspark diff view showing content structure changes
In Commitspark, the content structure is Git-based, enabling developers to prepare and review structural changes without impacting production content.

The beauty of Commitspark lies in its simplicity and flexibility. It integrates effortlessly into common web stacks, focusing on supporting content management workflows exceptionally well instead of as an afterthought. We achieve this by delegating all nitty-gritty fundamentals such as Git repository hosting to the existing and proven platform GitHub. This allows Commitspark to be extremely lean and easy to integrate. In consequence, if your developers know Git and GraphQL, they'll be up and running with Commitspark in no time.

Experience the future of content management with Commitspark. Unlock a new era of collaboration, streamlined workflows, and enhanced content quality. Join us as we revolutionize the way teams create, manage, and publish content.

Try the Commitspark technical preview release today and join us on a journey towards a better content management experience.

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