High-level Concepts

Commitspark is a light-weight headless CMS that turns popular Git providers such as GitHub into a CMS, rather than building yet another content management application suite with heavy components such as database, file storage, and user management.

The underlying concept is that Git providers already offer all the heavy components needed to store content and enable content management workflows, and that it is just a matter of smart presentation to unlock these capabilities for content editing. After all, Git providers are already used by millions of software developers to manage software code, so why should content be any different?

High-level architecture of Commitspark
High-level content management architecture with Commitspark


Here is how Commitspark components, Git- and AI providers fit together:


Git Provider (e.g. GitHub)

  • Content storage: All content is stored in a Git repository of your choice on your Git provider of choice
  • User accounts: Your content editors sign in for editing in the Commitspark frontend using a regular user account of your Git provider, meaning all user and access management features of your Git provider are available for use
  • Collaboration: Git provider collaboration features such as commenting are available to all content editors
  • Workflows: All the powerful features such as branches, Pull Requests, automation pipelines are available for use by content editors

AI Provider (e.g. GPT-4)

  • Content generation
  • Content rewriting
  • Content translation

Further Information

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