Getting Started

Getting up and running with Commitspark, using GitHub as a Git provider, is easy:

Initial setup

  1. Create a Git repository for your content - we recommend simply copying our content repository template
  2. Create a GitHub App that will be used to control access to your content repository (see our Frontend documentation for details)
  3. Deploy our open source content editing Frontend, configured to use your GitHub App for sign in (see again our Frontend documentation for details)

Content editing

  1. Open your Frontend instance and sign in with a GitHub account
  2. Select your content repository and start editing

Content modelling

  1. Just edit the plaintext GraphQL schema file in your content repository to change the structure of content you can store - see our GraphQL API library documentation for the few technical details to take into account

Content retrieval

  1. Simply retrieve content directly from your content repository via GraphQL using our open source GraphQL API library