OpenAI GPT-4 Integration

Commitspark features a native integration with OpenAI's GPT-4.

At this time, we are not routing prompts through our own servers and communicate with OpenAI directly from the browser. This means, we need to use your own OpenAI account to execute prompts on your behalf. All you need to do is provide a valid API key for your account.

As your API key is your secret, we only use it to communicate with GPT when you request it and on your behalf. We do not send the key to any server other than those of OpenAI. More specifically, the key remains solely within local storage of your browser and your browser ensures only code running in the browser at has access to this key.

If you are unsure whether or not you want to provide a key, you are welcome to not submit a key at this time, however you will not be able to use the AI assistance feature in this case. We are working on other ways of providing access to OpenAI in the future.

Although we have taken steps to minimize API usage costs by limiting the amount of data we send and with the majority of AI assistance requests you issue through Commitspark costing at most a low single digit cent amount per request, we strongly encourage you to apply an API usage limit to your OpenAI account to avoid any surprises.

If you want to enable the AI assistance feature, follow the instructions below to enter your OpenAI API key.

Settings menu
Step 1: Go to the Settings menu via the top right user menu
Settings page
Step 2: Enter an OpenAI API key
Locations where AI assistance is available
Step 3: AI assistance is now available for entire content entries and individual fields