How to use Commitspark as a free headless CMS

Posted on
September 20, 2023
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Markus Weiland

In today's economic climate, making smart decisions about the financial impact of your organization's software solutions is paramount. When it comes to content management systems, the costs associated with service subscriptions can be significant. For marketing decision-makers seeking a cost-efficient alternative, Commitspark emerges as a game-changing solution.

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Leveraging GitHub for Cost Savings

Commitspark is a CMS that sets itself apart by building upon GitHub, a platform renowned for its versatility and cost-effectiveness. The beauty of this approach lies in the fact that storing content as text files in a GitHub repository is entirely free! Anyone can create a GitHub account without incurring charges, and both public and private repositories come at no cost. And if developers in your organization already use GitHub with advanced, subscription-only features, adding further repositories is also free of charge at the time of writing (and has been for many years).

From Static Files to Dynamic Content Management

With Commitspark's open-source GraphQL API library, the static text files in your GitHub repository can now be automatically transformed into a dynamic content management GraphQL API. This transformation empowers your developers to retrieve content from a GitHub repository in the same way that they would from other, expensive headless CMSs. This means your developers can harness the free features of GitHub for content delivery without disrupting your established frontend application development processes.

Seamless Integration for Frontend Applications

Even better, the Commitspark GraphQL API library can be seamlessly integrated into your frontend applications where your content is consumed. This means your developers can query content directly from the Commitspark GraphQL API library within your applications, eliminating the need to host the GraphQL API as a separate web service on expensive infrastructure.

Cost-Efficiency at Its Best

Here's the kicker: Even though Commitspark offers a subscription-based user-friendly content editing interface for non-technical users at, that's not your only option. Anyone who has the technical knowledge to edit YAML text files directly on GitHub can do so, and drive your content from creation to end result completely free of charge. This is obviously only a niche scenario, but as an example, it can be a real benefit for those aiming to build rapid low-cost prototypes of content-driven applications without subscribing to an expensive CMS early on.

In conclusion, Commitspark's cost-efficiency stands out in the world of headless content management systems. By leveraging GitHub's free repository hosting and seamlessly building a dynamic GraphQL API, it offers a compelling alternative to costly CMS subscriptions available on the market. Make the smart choice for your organization and explore the possibilities that Commitspark has to offer. Your budget will thank you.

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