The Open Source CMS that Sparks Content Editor Productivity

Commitspark transforms content editors into agile, lightning-fast powerhouses, accelerating every step from content creation to translation, review and publication by building upon Git and Git platforms such as GitHub.

AI-Assisted Content Management using Git workflows

Reimagining Content Management

Unleash the Power of Giants

Commitspark composes the technologies of GitHub and OpenAI into an easy to use platform for the future of digital experience authoring.

Branching and Merging

Collaborate without Conflicts

With Commitspark, multiple content editors can work simultaneously on the same project without creating conflicts. This frees up editor time to actually work on content instead of coordination.

Isolate changes
using branches. This makes it easy to review and test content changes that belong together without interference from unrelated work.
Merge changes
from one branch to another: When work in a branch is completed, merge exactly the changes contained in this branch, without accidental left-overs or unrelated content.
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Pull Requests

Quality Assurance with Ease

Commitspark makes it easy to collaborate and review content changes with Pull Requests. A Pull Request is a request to merge changes made in one branch into another, enabling clear workflow steps that protect production content from unapproved changes.

Simplify collaboration
using Pull Requests, which enable teams to stay aligned on the changes made in content.
Review and validate
content changes in Pull Requests before they are merged into the production content branch.
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Experience AI-powered Content Management

Boost Productivity with AI

Commitspark infuses artificial intelligence into content management, revolutionizing content creation and translation processes. Benefit from AI assistance to boost editor productivity to unprecedented levels.

AI-assisted content creation
lets editors easily generate anything from single lines of text to entire component-based pages.
AI-powered content translation
generates multilingual content automatically, even keeping all content formatting intact.
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Safe Content Publishing

Automate Reviews

With Commitspark, your developers can easily build automated content review pipelines that enforce your own business rules. This enables content editors to fix mistakes before they reach production, such as issues that are hard to spot manually.

Automated reviews
are key to ensuring the consistency and accuracy of content before it is published.
Prevent errors
from hitting production with automated tests that prevent editors from merging into production when issues are found.
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Build Conflict-free CMS Workflows

Git's branching and merging capabilities empower millions of development teams. And now your content teams, too!

Publish in Peace
Prepare content changes in separate branches. Publish them safely without conflicts.

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Iterate Models Safely
Use branches to change your content model without interference. Merge when ready.

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Migrate without Risk
Content and models live in the same Git repository. Migrate both together in one step.

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Hassle-free Frontend Development

Streamlined Developer Collaboration

Commitspark makes collaboration between content editors and frontend developers easy. With content branches, developers can independently prepare their software components for structural changes without impacting production content and without editors waiting for developers to finish their work.

Unblock content editors
by having developers prepare software changes against a separate content branch.
Unblock developers
by keeping day-to-day content changes out of development.
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Craft not Cruft

Composable. Simplified.

Commitspark is extremely easy to integrate into common web stacks by being designed from the ground up for composition and by building on industry standards.

Do one thing and do it well
Commitspark intentionally strips out all non-essential cruft that CMSs have accumulated over time. This makes it a breeze to integrate Commitspark into other systems.
Built on industry standards
If your developers know Git and GraphQL, they will be up and running with Commitspark in minutes.
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