Publication Workflows in Commitspark

The Need for Speed

Challenges of Editing Content in Parallel

Rapidly publishing new and revising existing content facilitates reacting to market changes. However, in legacy CMSs, doing so with multiple content teams working in parallel can lead to major productivity losses.

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Localize in Peace

No more accidental publication of unfinished content: Commitspark lets your teams separately translate, change, test, and release localized content.

Legacy CMS

  • All content entries exist globally
  • Each content entry has its own publication state
  • Publishing one localization change of a content entry also publishes all other changes to the content entry


  • Content entries exist within branches
  • Content entries are only considered published when present in a designated "published" branch
  • Localization changes can be worked on in completely separate branches which are individually merged when ready

Publish with Confidence

Prevent the wrong or broken content from reaching production: Commitspark lets your teams prepare entire content releases in separate branches, fully testable and approvable before merging.

Legacy CMS

  • All content changes are prepared in parallel without separation
  • Related content is published by changing the publication state on many individual content entries at once
  • It is hard to not forget some content changes when publishing
  • It is difficult to keep unrelated changes out when selecting content changes for publishing


  • Content changes are prepared within individual, separate branches
  • Related content is published by merging into the designated "published" branch
  • Merging guarantees that all changes prepared in a branch are merged
  • Branches ensure separation of unrelated content changes and enable independent review and approval